Saturday, January 21, 2012

Williamsburg, Virginia

One of our favorite family traditions is driving down the road to colonial Williamsburg. We love to walk through the streets while admiring all the charming colonial homes, shops, and décor. 
Sawyer and Violet all bundled up
Gifts wrapped in book pages and twine. So simple and beautiful.

I just love all the natural wreaths and the clever arrangements they come up with.
Violet all snuggled up with Jess. It was a chilly day!
Sawyer had so much fun riding his new balance bike up and down the street along side us as we walked. He had just got this bike for Christmas and Williamsburg was the perfect location for him to work on his balance since there were no cars. He did so well and was trying to jump off curbs by the end of the afternoon.
Such an awesome tree! 
....and this fence! I don't know what it is about old worn down rustic fences...but I love it.
Sawyer and "Omi" checking out the sheep
Mom, Jessica, baby Violet, and myself. 
We wish Kristie could have been with us too.
Nate and Sawyer climbing in one of the old and twisty trees. 
Please note my horrible hair regrowth. No wonder Violet was crying. Scary.
I certainly miss having Kristie nearby to dye my hair all the time. 
Don't worry, I've gotten it fixed in the meanwhile thanks to my mom! Kristie gave her some instructions and my mom dyed my hair like a pro!


  1. those are some great pictures of williamsburg! and i was dying about the arrows pointing at your regrowth--it was so bad i was cringing just looking at it.. haha--glad mom was able to fix it for you :) goes to show how hot you are though, that even with jacked up hair you still look amazing. love you!!

  2. Haha I loved Kristie's comment. Great I'm gonna take them and use them for my Williamsburg post :)