Sunday, January 8, 2012

Goodbye Utah

December 18th was my last day living in our little Provo home with the purple door.
I packed up the last of our things and moved out that Sunday.
I'm thrilled to be moving on to a new place but it's always sad to say goodbye.
This old little house was a great first home for us and we have a ton of great memories here together.

We rented a storage unit in Utah to temporarily hold our things until we can transport them to Tennessee. It was a small unit and it didn't help that Mitch's motorcycle and dirtbike took up so much precious floor space. I had to play some serious real life Tetris in order to fit everything into that little space. 
I guess all that wasted time playing Tetris freshman year of college was not wasted time at all. You know what I'm talking about Rachel Brinkerhoff.
After some critical rearranging, sweat, and tears I got it all to fit in there.
I'm such a champ.
I know this picture isn't that impressive. In fact the pack-job looks really ugly and messy. But what you don't see is two sofas, a queen bed/frame, a kitchen table, four chairs, a large L-shaped desk, a kitchen hutch, a book case, a dresser, a couple side tables, a bow flex, two motorcycles......
That's all in there....somewhere.

Sunday night, after locking our home's purple door one last time, my friend (and coworker) Holly picked me up and drove me up north to Salt Lake. A big thanks to her for giving me a ride and helping me out that evening! I was grateful that I got to see her one last time before I left and I already miss her a ton! I'm also very grateful to my dear friend Kieli and her hubby Scott who let me sleep on their couch that night and got up at 4:30 in the morning to take me to the airport for my ridiculously early flight. I have some seriously good friends. I'm sad I had to say bye.

In quick summary:
I didn't fly to Tennessee that morning. Instead I flew to my hometown in Virginia for the holidays. This year was my parents' year to have all the married siblings home for Christmas.Unfortunately not everyone was able to make it home this year. Kristie, Wes, Jake, and Mia stayed in Arizona because Wes had to work. That was a total bummer. An even bigger bummer was that my Mitch ended up not being able to come last minute because of his new job. sad. 

But I am grateful that Mitch and I both had our families since we couldn't be together. And even though I was missing Mitch during the holiday, I was so grateful to spend time with my parents, David, Jessica, Nate, Sawyer, and Violet. I hardly get to see them anymore so that was a real treat to have them all in the same place at once.

Originally Mitch was supposed to drive out to Virginia and I was going to drive back to Tennessee with him right after Christmas so he could get back to work. My visit home would be brief. But since those plans flopped and there was no rush for me to leave so quickly I decided to extend my stay in Virginia through my mom's birthday on January 7th. It's been a fun couple of weeks spending time with family and catching up with old friends that I grew up with.

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  1. Oh Syd! I miss you too!!! So much!